Friday, February 26, 2016

TV Reviews??? Will I Do Them?

Ok just wanted to say that I want to do some TV reviews but instead of making a totally new and separate blog I thought I'd just post them here. Good idea? Well I'm doing it anyways.

My first review will be on the Full House revival, Fuller House. I used to watch Full House as a kid and as I grew older I ended up hating it because it was just too corny. Now that there is a revival or reunion or whatever you want to call it, I thought I'd write about it.

First I have to watch at least the first episode. I'm gonna give you my thoughts, the good, the bad, and hopefully for contents sake, the downright fucking awful.

Hopefully I'll be doing more reviews on certain shows and episodes of certain shows and this may or may nmot become an on going thing. If I hate doing these I will stop. But if it  catches on and I like doing these I will definitely do a whole lot more.

Thank you and God bless and also Stay Tuned (remember that movie with John Ritter?).