Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Real Scary Ghost Pictures Best Ever "Part 2"

Here is the second part. Still creepy.

Real Scary Ghost Pictures "BEST EVER"

Yikes!!! Here are some chilling photos of ghosts that are amazingly creepy. Take a look for yourself. And watch during the day cuz I am and it still creeps me out. Rock on!!!

Top 10 Hell Songs

Do you like songs about...HELL?? Then this list is for you. Mostly heavy metal songs (yay!) Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

14 Diseases That Science STILL Can't Explain

These are very strange and I have indeed experienced Exploding Head Syndrome but until recently thought it was just someone slamming a door or something. Anyway very creepy.

5 Supposedly CURSED YouTube Videos!

Ok. this one is creepy as hell just for the title alone and for the thumbnail used. Yes I know it's a scene from the simpsons but still. Anyways I'm afraid I'll be cursed watching this video but... ahhhh, Fuck it!!

Top 10 Real Ghosts Caught on Tape The Scariest and Most Convincing!

This one gave me the chills even though about half I've seen before. The other half I haven't and that means I haven't posted them yet so...Enjoy ghost addicts!

Top 10 Horror Movie Opening Scenes

Are you a horror movie fan? Or just a fan of horror in general? See if you remember these horror movies with the best opening scenes. This is what you see first to get the blood flowing (no pun intended).

Top 15 Disturbing Things On The Deep Web

The Deep Web can be a pretty fucked up place for people to get their utter most darkest fantasies. I stay away from that shit. Why? Well here see for yourself what is in this disturbing place on the internet.

5 Really Creepy Unexplained Mysteries - Vol. 2

Here are more unexplained mysteries. See what you think of them.

5 Mysterious & Unexplained Photos Unexplained Mysteries

These are some of the most unexplained photos of all time. You most likely seen these before but it doesn't get less amazing each time... or does it? IDK.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Creepiest Things Caught on Tape || Unexplained!! ||

Ok let's see what we have in this video. I don't know if it's creepy as fuck or just lame but check it out for yourself.