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Top 20 Disney Urban Legends Rumoured To Be True

Disney. Disney movies can be some of the darkest films ever made sometimes. But it fills one with some joy and happiness that one doesn't regularly notice the dark side of Disney.

Here are some dark tales that were told but turned out to be true.

Top 5 CreepyPastas [Day 3/5]

Let's see what she picked for her #1.

5 Celebrities Allegedly KILLED by The ILLUMINATI!

More conspiracy theory nonsense. Here are 5 celebrities who were accused of being murdered by.... the ILLUMINATI.

Cryptid Christmas Gifts Ideas

Here is an article I found and thought I'd sgare with you it incase you can't think of the perfect gift to get your loved one. Into weird and strange shit?? Then this link is perfect for you.

Top 10 Krampus Facts - The Christmas Goat Demon

Have you heard of Krampus??? No? Well here's a look at the dark side of Christmas.

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