Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 Paranormal Things Caught On Camera

Most of these you probably have seen but it's not stopping me from posting this anyway. Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Creepy Videos with Unexplainable Background Stories

Noooooo!!! Please don't scare me cuz I'm all alone right now and it's dark. But that's the best time to creep people out. Ok do it.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Lemmy of Motorhead dies at age 70 of cancer

(NBC News) - Ian Kilmister — the iconic Lemmy of British heavy metal pioneers Motörhead, died Monday at age 70 of "extremely aggressive cancer," the band said.
Kilmister — who legendarily survived diabetes and implantation of a heart defibrillator — was diagnosed with the disease just two days ago, the band said in a statement.
"There is no easy way to say this," Motörhead said. "Our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer.
                                          Image: Motorhead in Munich
Lemmy Kilmister, singer of Motörhead, performs in Munich, Germany, in November. Andreas Gebert / EPA

"He had learnt of the disease on December 26th, and was at home, sitting in front of his favorite video game from The Rainbow which had recently made it's way down the street, with his family," the band said. "We cannot begin to express our shock and sadness, there aren't words."
Motörhead had canceled several recent performances because of what the band said was a lung infection.
The band group abandoned its Sept. 1 concert in Austin, Texas, with Kilmister telling the audience, "I can't do it," and walking offstage. The band blamed altitude sickness — Kilmister had recently spent time in Colorado — and said it was looking forward to going back out on the road in February.

Kilmister, a raw-voiced singer and powerful heavy metal bassist, formed Motörhead in 1975 and was its sole surviving original member. The band's 22 albums included the landmarks "Ace of Spades" — and the hit single of the same name — "Overkill" and "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith."
Its most recent album, "Bad Magic" debuted at No. 1 in much of Europe and hit the Top 40 in the United States. The titles of several other of its hits and albums can't be reproduced on a family-friendly website.
Prominent rock musicians have lobbied in recent years for Motörhead to be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Acts like Black Sabbath and Green Day have said it helped to form their musical philosophies, citing it as a foundational influence in heavy metal and punk rock.

11 Most Unbelievable Arcade Games Ever

I thought I'd venture into the video game genre but this has an odd spin to it so it goes well with the strange topics on this blog so here we go ... weird as fuck arcade games.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

9 Creepy Unsolved CHRISTMAS TIME Mysteries

Merry late Christmas!!! Creepy stuff.


More on the darker side of Christmas... more like the Christmas devil.

5 Horrifying MURDER Confessions from CHILDREN!

I don't know what it is but children who have evil intention are creepy as hell. Let's see what happened between these evil children.

5 Quite DISTURBING Christmas Related Murders!

To me it's still Christmas weekend and families still have members coming over to visit. So There will still be a plethora of Christmas videos.

Now here's some awful Christmas related murders.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

15 Unbelievably Creepy Photos

The Redbox girl freaks me out... just a little bit... it's late already...yikes!!! OK, I'm scared.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Extreme Vampyr & Jimmy Heart Show #1 (part 1) - Death of Scott Weiland

This is the first instalment of The Extreme Vampyr & Jimmy Heart show ... we talk a lot about STP and Scott Weiland. This was recorded on December 18th, 2015 so ...

Anyways, It's a funny show where we analize different topics... please check it out.


@vampyrnick79 we promise that it will be #awesome and #rad and #cool and #tubular and #dope and also, of course, #Groovy. #AshvsEvilDead
— Ash vsEvil Dead (@AshvsEvilDead) December 20, 2015

15 Chilling True Stories That Are Now Horror Films

Holy... !!! It's some scary real life incidents that inspired horror movies. 15 of them to be exact. Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Monsters and Scary Legends

It's 4 days away until Christmas and what a way to celebrate it by exploring some of the scariest legends and monsters of Christmas. Enjoy!!!

The Smashing Pumpkins Machina Of God Full Album (album completo)

Thought I'd switch it up a bit with some Smashing Pumpkins... A very underrated album. But I like it a lot. Best listening to it when your high for that "spacey" feel.

5 New Weird & Paranormal Videos | November 2015 Recap & Review

Ooooo!! Scary stuff. Let's see what this papranormal video has in store for us.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Scott Weiland overdosed!

Sad news and I can't express how bad I feel for Scott's kids finding out about his problems that had led to his death. Very sad. RIP Scott!!!

Scott Weiland died of 'mixed drug toxicity,' says medical examiner:
— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 18, 2015

Scott Weiland died of an accidental overdose

(CNN) - Singer Scott Weiland died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and drugs, the Hennepin County (Minnesota) Medical Examiner's Office said Friday.
The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman died December 3 while on tour with his band the Wildabouts. He was 48.
The toxicology test results indicate that his death was caused by a mixture of alcohol, cocaine and MDA, a drug similar to MDMA or ecstasy. Weiland's history of drug abuse was a contributing factor in his death, according to a news release from the medical examiner's office.
"Other significant conditions are noted as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, history of asthma and multi-substance dependence," it said.
Weiland's extraordinary career often was overshadowed by a constant battle with drug addiction. In a powerful essay after his death, his ex-wife urged fans and the media not to glorify his death.
"Our hope for Scott has died, but there is still hope for others. Let's choose to make this the first time we don't glorify this tragedy with talk of rock and roll and the demons that, by the way, don't have to come with it," Mary Forsberg Weiland wrote in Rolling Stone.
Stone Temple Pilots came on the scene at the height of the grunge movement, releasing their first album, "Core," in 1992. The band won a Grammy in 1994 for the song "Plush" and had monster hits with "Vasoline" and "Interstate Love Song."
But addiction dogged Weiland. He missed shows repeatedly. He would go into rehab and then relapse. The band had all the trappings of success -- headlining tours, appearances on "Saturday Night Live," platinum sales -- but an unstable frontman.
After Stone Temple Pilots disbanded in 2003, Weiland joined Velvet Revolver, which was formed by former Guns N' Roses members who'd had enough of Axl Rose. Weiland delivered hits for them. The debut album, "Contraband," sold more than 3 million copies and yielded a massive hit, "Slither," and another Grammy for Weiland.
In between the hits were several arrests for drugs and DUIs. He released several solo albums, formed several bands and wrote a memoir, "Not Dead & Not for Sale," that was published in 2011. The memoir included stories of being raped when he was 12 and his relapses, including "a single line of coke" that doomed his future with Velvet Revolver.
"We are angry and sad about this loss, but we are most devastated that he chose to give up," his ex-wife wrote. "Skip the depressing T-shirt with 1967-2015 on it -- use the money to take a kid to a ballgame or out for ice cream."
This is such a sad case of rockstar succunimg to his own demons. God bless. #RIPScottWeiland - ExtremeVampyr

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 Most Beautiful Little People In The World

Ok this doesn't quite fit in to this blog but I thought it was interesting. And I'm not into little people I must admit these girls are hottt!!! Bridget The Midget, Yay!!!

I won't even tag this as creepy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots Mtv Unplugged

More STP. What can I say? I just love them.

Stone Temple Pilots Late Night Performances (1993-2010)

More STP... this time it's all their live performances on Late Night talk shows. This is an awesome compilation I stumbked across... enjoy!

Top 10 Most Evil Kids in History

The only violence I ever did was play wrestling with my friends. And the only bloodshed I did was when I started cutting on myself. That's a shoot. But these kids are pure EVIL.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 20 Disney Urban Legends Rumoured To Be True

Disney. Disney movies can be some of the darkest films ever made sometimes. But it fills one with some joy and happiness that one doesn't regularly notice the dark side of Disney.

Here are some dark tales that were told but turned out to be true.

Top 5 CreepyPastas [Day 3/5]

Let's see what she picked for her #1.

5 Celebrities Allegedly KILLED by The ILLUMINATI!

More conspiracy theory nonsense. Here are 5 celebrities who were accused of being murdered by.... the ILLUMINATI.

Cryptid Christmas Gifts Ideas

Here is an article I found and thought I'd sgare with you it incase you can't think of the perfect gift to get your loved one. Into weird and strange shit?? Then this link is perfect for you.

Top 10 Krampus Facts - The Christmas Goat Demon

Have you heard of Krampus??? No? Well here's a look at the dark side of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Core - Stone Temple Pilots - Full Album

Still upset over his death ...not a good weekend for me at all. #RIPScottWeiland

Stone Temple Pilots "Purple" (FULL ALBUM)

#RIPScottWeiland ... This is my favorite STP album. Listen to it!!!!

Here's a blast from the mother fucking past... STP!!! Great album ... listen and take a trip back in time.

Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Disturbing Things You Should Never Google [Part 3]

I have become a big fan of ReignBotHorror and thought I'd share her video. Beware this video contains horrible and disturbing items so Caution.

Friday, November 27, 2015

10 Shocking Photos of EXTREME Plastic Surgery | TWISTED TENS - WARNING!!!

Don't get plastic surgery! Well unless you really don't need it WARNING!!! Graphic content

Happy Thanksgiving!! Black Friday!!

It's Friday, Black Friday. Just want you all to stay safe from all the crazy people out there going insane over the special deals and sales that are out there. There have been stories every year and this year is no different.

Especially stay away from Wal-Mart they seem to attract the weirdest people imaginable. Just drove by our Wal-Mart last night and it was packed beyond belief. So again please be careful.

Also I know I have been posting regularly but I'm trying to make up for it today as I have opted to stay home and away from any danger possible. I will try to post more often than not and hopefully I can gain a bigger fan base here.

I've also started to make new videos on my YouTube channel. It's mostly of pro wrestling related videos of reviews but I will be adding my own paranormal videos there as well. Those who want to support me please do by subscribing and spreading the love for the channel and this blog as well. Thank you all and be safe this weekend. God bless.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel:
And this is the link to my Twitter:

Please subscribe and follow and share, comment, and all that happy stuff. Thank you!

"Black" Friday - The Mothman | Documentary

Heres a twist in my original posting of videos, The Mothman... a major creature that most had heard of but heres the story.

4 Freaky True Thanksgiving / Black Friday Horror Stories

For your black Friday and post thanksgiving weekend.

5 Incredible Angels Caught On Camera Unexplained Mysteries

Are Angels scary? Or even creepy?? Well either way I thought I'd post this video that has captured some crazy Angels on camera.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Unexplained Mysteries The Virgin Mary Crying Blood

Something a little different than a bunch of ghost videos. Thought I'd get a little religious on you guys... or whoever visits this blog...

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Creepy Videos on the Internet #5

Just in time for Halloween!

10 Most Haunted Objects in the World

And our first Halloween video of the day.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween and thank you for visiting this blog/site for all your evil and mischievous videos.

Hope all of you have a very Happy Halloween and I will "try" and post as many videos up today. Those videos will consist of all things Halloweenie. LOL, I said weenie.

Any who please look for videos today and everyday. Thanks. Enjoy!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

5 Terrifying Videos Of Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape 2015

Here you go... more ghost footage. I do believe that these are different from others that have appeared here before. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Creepy Poltergeist Hauntings Caught On Tape!

I love scary ghost videos and here are poltergeist activity caught on tape... creepy as fuck!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

15 Haunting Last Photos Of Famous People That Will Shock You


Death is always an unsettling topic but what if you add some celebrity skin into it? This list is what you'll get. The countdown to Halloween begins.

October is the Scariest Month of the Year!

Hello everyone and welco. me to the badass month of October.

This usually means that people tend to go out of their way to either scare others or even themselves by either committing pranks on one another or watching horror movie marathons. Or whatever the case may be this blog will feature more and more videos and or articles or anything I deem fit to be scary or unordinary.

Also, I will be giving this blog a complete makeover in the weeks, maybe even months to come. Patience please as I have many other things in my personal life to attend to first. But I would like to bring this blog to what I know that it can be. A totally awesome fucking place to watch and learn crazy things that go bump in the night.

Thank you for those who have checked out this blog and please contimue to support us here in this very Extreme World.

Countdown to Halloween is on!!!

- Nicke Z

Monday, September 28, 2015

10 Creepiest POLTERGEISTS Caught on Tape

Uhhhhh... yikes! Too many of these videos and i'm outta here. For reals. This shit creeps me the fuck out. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rollins Band - 'Weight' (Full Album)

Explosive album from the breat Henry Rollins. Another favorite from my teen years... Rock on!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

10 of the Creepiest and/or Weirdest YouTube Videos

Most of these I've seen and probably some of you have too but it will still give you the creeps as it did me again.

Top 20 Creepiest Mexican Urban Legends

Orale!!! I'm not from Mexico but I am Mexican. But anywho, here are Mexican Urban Legends and I can't believe there are at least 20 of them.

Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Most Evil Children In The World

Staying on the subject of evil children this should get you to question what your child or schoolmate is really up to.

5 Creepy Unsolved Murders!

What do you think of these creepy unsolved murders??? Some are weird to me but some ive heard before. Anywho, Enjoy!!!

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream (1994)

Blast  from the mother fucking past!!!! Rock on. Listen to this classic album while you all go to sleep... just saying.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Audio: After Dark Radio 08-16-15

Hey everyone... I was a caller (the third caller) on this show. I always wanted to call this show and tell my stories. This particular story includes my experience with a Ouija board back long ago when I was in my teens.

Check it out and listen to the whole as it was open calls and a lot of people were talking about the end of the world. So enjoy! And let me know what you think.

Top 10 TV Creepypastas

Oh those damn creepypastas, how we love you so. Here are some TV creepypastas for you to enjoy. I don't know if I posted this one before but if I did well... oh well.

Luca Rossi: Mailing List

Luca Rossi: Mailing List

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

6 Families With Extremely Creepy Curses

This one can go on either my wrestling blog or this one... but I choose this one. Enjoy!

13 Freakiest Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Ooooo! Ghosts! I do love a good scare and a creep out. But for you here are more ghost pictures.

Top 15 Scariest REAL Cults

Here are some freaky tales of Cults that are horrifingly scary.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favorite Rock, metal, alternative album of all times - Therapy's Troublegum

I might try and throw some of my favorite albums as a series. Good idea. Well let's see what comes of it.

Great Irish alternative metal or whatever the fuck.... enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Creepy Videos on the Internet #1

I know I haven't posted in a long time here but here's something I came across and its seriously fucking freaky..... BEWARE MAY CREATE NIGHTMARES OR INSOMNIA #creepyasfuck ... I think this video is strange as fuck!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top Haunted Locations

Thought I'd share this article I came across. Thanks everyone.

Top 10 Celebrities Who've Had Ghostly Encounters

Here is a list of celebrities whom have had a ghost or supernatural experience's.

I thought it would be interesting to check out. Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Listen to After Dark Radio 03-06-2015

I always enjoy listening to Bryan Alvarez's After Dark Radio each and every Friday night. Please check out this live stream. Its mostly about paranormal occurances and such and is quite insiteful and funny.
Definitely a must listen to on a weekly basis.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Top 10 Reasons the Universe is God’s Video Game

In an interesting video here there are 10 reasons (or theories) that life or this universe that we live in mmight be just God chillin' at home playing an awesome videogame. That would really suck, huh?

Monday, February 23, 2015


This blog... or site, is a collection of unexplained things that either I or anyone has experienced ever in this world that cannot be explained or are just bizarre.

Whether it be ghosts, conspiracy theories,  the occult, or strange occurances. I will look into and post videos of said topics which I find fascinating or just freaky.

Paranormal incidents are going to be the majority of topics but anything is "fair game".

Anyways, I hope you find these things I post at the least entertaining as I just want an outlet to share my thoughts and obsessions that sometimes creep me the fuck out.

Thanks and enjoy.